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This template is for use in a list in the body of an article, rather than in a navigation template like Template:Navbox. Based on Template:Reflist, but different in that the text to be displayed is manually created rather than a list of references.


The usage of fixed columns is deprecated and should be removed or replaced by the usage of colwidth (further below):

{{columns-list|number of columns|
Text (usually a list)

The width of each column may be specified using

Text (usually a list)

Here, width specifies the width of the columns, and determines dynamically the number of columns based on screen width; more columns will be shown on wider displays.

This template uses CSS3 multiple column layout and is not supported by all Web browsers.

Шаблон:CSS3 multiple column layout


Here is an example:

* [[George Washington]]
* [[John Adams]]
* [[Thomas Jefferson]]
* [[James Madison]]
* [[James Monroe]]

which would render as:

CSS styles can also be added after the number of columns. For example:

{{columns-list|colwidth=35em|style=width: 400px; font-style: italic;|
* [[All About Lily Chou-Chou]]
* [[April Story]]
* [[Hana and Alice|Hana & Alice]]
* [[Hōtai Club]]
* [[The Kon Ichikawa Story]]
* [[Love Letter (1995 film)|Love Letter]]
* [[New York, I Love You]]
* [[Picnic (1996 film)|Picnic]]
* [[Rainbow Song]]
* [[Swallowtail (film)|Swallowtail]]

which would render as:


See also

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